The suburb of Murdoch was part of the Somerville Pine Plantation which was University of WA Endowment land. The university site is also significant for the Aboriginal people.

The City of Melville utilises Murdoch University's leading-edge research from the School of Sustainability in developing innovative solutions to a range of global, national and local sustainability challenges. The university also provides playing fields and a Guild Recreation Centre.

An important natural feature in Murdoch is the Quenda Wetland found next to the intersection of South Street and Murdoch Drive. Although located near two major roads, it is a rich source of fauna, including the Fairy Wren, the Southern Brown Bandicoot or Quenda and the Long Necked Tortoise. The wetland formed part of an Aboriginal transport route during the past 38,000 years and would have been used as a source of food and water. Quenda Wetland forms part of the Beeliar Regional Park chain and supports a great richness and abundance of wildlife. It provides habitat, refuge, breeding grounds and sources of food for animals.

The 643-bed state-of-the-art Fiona Stanley Hospital being built in Murdoch is due for completion in 2014. The hospital's location between the Murdoch Train Station and St John of God Hospital will ensure excellent infrastructure services to residents in this corridor. The hospital is incorporating sustainable design to achieve the best possible environmental outcomes. Some $5 million in environmental on-site and off-site initiatives will be undertaken throughout the project's development. These include landscaping, fauna and grass tree relocation, seed collection, weed control, rehabilitation in Beeliar Regional Park and preservation of conservation areas.

Fiona Stanley Hospital will be the catalyst for local and regional growth and development and will generate economic investment and local employment opportunities. It will also drive private and commercial developments including retail outlets, cafes and other recreational facilities.

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