Bull Creek

Prior to European settlement, the Wadjuk Beeliar people used the Bull Creek Wetlands as a summer source of food and fresh water. The Bull Creek area is significant to the Beeliar Aborigines and is referred to as Gabbiljee which means the watery place at the end of the river.

The wetlands consist of a chain of damp land and wetland reserves from Brockman Avenue to Leach Highway and contain several attractive species of native wildflowers. They also support birdlife including the Pacific Blue Duck and the Splendid Wren as well as several types of frogs, snakes and lizards.

Bull Creek has numerous parks, including John Creaney Park. This is listed as one of the community's favourite places within the South East Neighbourhood and is also the venue for the annual Australia Day breakfast and Citizenship Ceremony. The reserve is named after a former state manager of Hooker & Rex Estates. John Creaney, along with Hooker Rex, were responsible for establishing the park when subdividing. Other reserves are named after former councillors such as Ron Carroll, who was the first Mayor of the City of Melville from 1962-1971 and Richard Lewis, who served on Council from 1970-1984.

The suburb is serviced by Bull Creek Shopping Centre and Community Centre, as well as Bull Creek Library, which has a great collection including language-learning resources. Bull Creek Community Centre is a vibrant community hub with regular activities offering a variety of programs for a range of age and cultural groups, seven days a week. The centre is also the base for City of Melville Home and Community Care (HACC) Services.

Additionally, Bull Creek is the venue for the Royal Australian Air Force Memorial retirement estate which was first developed in 1971. Land in the estate was set aside for the Aviation Heritage Museum, which opened in 1979.

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