Bateman borders on the Piney Lakes Reserve, which was of great spiritual and cultural significance to the original custodians of the area. Many artefacts have been found in the region.

Bateman is named after members of the Bateman family, who established their home 'Grasmere' at Bull's Creek in 1886. Originally a holiday home, 'Grasmere' eventually became the permanent residence of William Augustus Bateman, who was a farmer, timber cutter and producer of fruit and vegetables in the area.

Reserves such as the Bill Ellson and William Murray Park are in recognition of former early councillors of the Melville Roads Board. William Murray Park is listed as being one of three favourite places within the suburbs of Bateman, Bull Creek and Leeming in the South East Neighbourhood Plan (2009).

Bateman houses a junior cricket club, tennis courts, the Kids Are Kids! Therapy and Education Centre and much more.

It contains about 12 hectares of parkland, in addition to bushland at Tom Firth Park and has an active conservation group in the form of Friends of George Welby Park.

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