The City of Melville Crest

The meaning behind the City of Melville armorial bearings.


  • Tree - symbolises the verdant nature of the City which has led to the term The Garden City
  • Wavey lines - represent the boundaries of the City determined by the Swan and Canning rivers
  • Ship – signifies the arrival of Captain Stirling in Melville Waters in 1827


  • Lion’s face – is taken from the Crest of Lord Melville because of the historical association of that family with the foundation of the original Colony
  • Thunderbolt – depicts communication and represents the association of the Municipality with the development of international telegraphy and the history of the Wireless Hill station.


  • Rampant Black Swans – define Melville as part of the State of Western Australia.


  • Quod Potui Perfeci – is Latin for the phrase "That which is possible I have accomplished"