Take a visual tour of Lete Foho


 Coffee growing in the Emera Region

 Local family with pressed bamboo house

 New Healthy Community Centreat Bakhita

View from rear of Bakhita Centre Eravio, District of Ermera

Weaving Tais

Traditional Thatched Huts

Lete Foho "Car Park" on Market Day

 Weaving of "Tais" in Lete Foho
 Lete Foho Community Senior High School
 Gleno High School
 Delegation from City of Melville to Lete Foho October 2005
 Welcome to Lete Foho
Past Mayor Katherine Jackson at Lete Foho
 Welcome to Lete Foho
 Past Mayor Katherine Jackson and welcoming locals

Inside the Senior High School at Lete Foho

Past Mayor Jackson with Barry & Margaret Mendelawitz at Bakhita Centre

Vicinity of the Bakhita Centre

 Bakhita Health Centre
 Bakhita Centre
 Kirsty Sword-Gusmao at Dare with Ron Archer
 Commemoration at Dare

Ron Archer and Criado Rufino Correia at Commemoration at Dare