MFoH welcomes donations both from individuals and businesses!!


Donors may specify programs they wish their donation is used to support and know that all of the funds donated will be used for that program. Some donors may choose to provide general funds to allow the MFoH Committee the flexibility of using the funds for programs and projects that may not yet be fully funded or for a project that arises that has some urgency.


For example, MFoH recently obtained a generous donation of $3530.50 US from Perth based offshore management company Linch-Pin that was used to pay for the professional development of a group of teachers at the Lebuto School in the Hatolia district.


MFoH member Wendy Antonovsky presents a Timorese Tais scarf to Mark Harford, Linch-Pin Human Resources and Recruitment Manager as a thank you for their donation.



Funds can be provided either electronically or by post.




Please make a payment to the MFoH bank account:


Account Name: Melville Friends of Hatolia Inc.

Bank: ANZ

ACC: 493 822 34

BSB: 016267


Please send an email to Margaret Mendelawitz ( to indicate that you have made a donation and to provide the name and address of the donor so that a receipt can be forwarded.


By Post


Please send your cheque made payable to ‘Melville Friends of Hatolia Inc.’ to:


Melville Friends of Hatolia Inc.

PO BOX 1451