Safer Melville Advisory Committee

The 2012 - 2016 Community Safety Crime Prevention Plan is underway. One of the actions and a key focus of the City is identifying and developing partnerships with stakeholders.

An example of this is the Safer Melville Advisory Committee (SMAC) whose vision is to promote safety and injury reduction for people living, working and visiting the City of Melville by applying the Safe Communities framework. Representatives from the following list of key stakeholders form part of the SMAC:

  • WA Police
  • Department of Housing
  • South Metropolitan Public Health Unit
  • Department of Corrective Services
  • Department of Education
  • Department for Child Protection and Family Support
  • Wandoo Reintegration Facility
  • Injury Control Council of WA
  • Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce
  • Community
  • City of Melville staff and elected members. 

The committee meets every two months at the City of Melville.

The Safe Communities framework is an internationally recognised, evidence-based model for addressing community safety issues at the local level.  There are a number of councils in the eastern states already designated as Safe Communities and the City of Melville are taking a lead role in WA as the only council currently aligning with this model. 

For more information on the Safe Communities framework visit the Australian Safe Communities Foundation website at

Setting Priorities for a Safer Melville

Please join us in our bid to make Melville a safer community by participating in an exercise addressing injury prevention and promotion of safety in our community.

Part of aligning to the Safe Communities framework is conducting a priority setting workshop to identify priorities and gaps in the community. Once priorities/gaps are identified the Safer Melville Advisory Committee will work at closing gaps and addressing priorities in a coordinated way.

When: Friday, 8 August 2014

Where: City of Melville Civic Centre, Conference room, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon.

Time: 9.00am to 3.30pm

By the end of the priority setting workshop we would hope to have:

A list of safety priorities/gaps that have been identified using quantitative data, and qualitative data from key stakeholders and the community.

Commitment from the community and key stakeholders to work together to address the priorities/gaps. 

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP your place by phoning Customer Service on 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666





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