Online Bookings

Online Bookings means you can book into any Group Exercise class from the comfort of your home or office computer.

As a member this will secure your spot in any class and especially in those busy classes. Please ensure to retrieve a receipt from reception on arrival to the centre.

It is our objective to minimise the waiting time and congestion at our reception counters and in return provide faster and more efficient customer service.

To access our online booking system you will require a login and password. If you have not received a login please contact us via email: and we will issue one to you.


  • Please note, bookings can only be done up to seven days prior to a class, with the exception of the below point.
  • Healthy Life PLUS members can pre-book up to 28 days prior to all PLUS fitness classes.
  • Any person not attending a pre-booked class on three or more occasions will find themselves unable to access this online option until further notice.
  • Members not "claiming" their ticket at least two minutes prior to class may find themselves forfeiting their ticket to another person waiting. Therefore, please be early.
  • Those booking online must still claim their ticket at the counter otherwise their position may become void.